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What is your guarantee?
Our plaques are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please return the plaque with a new picture and we will remake the plaque free of cost.
What is your return policy?
Simply return the plaque with a new picture and we will remake it free of cost. Be sure to include your return address and contact information.
  • Send returns to: Pallas Porcellana, 2104 Oakridge Ave., Monroe, GA 30656
What is your turn around time from the receipt of my order to shipping my order?
Orders are shipped in 5-7 working days from the time we receive it.
What is the shipping fee?
We offer FREE priority shipping in the U.S. (2-3 days). If you would like the order shipped next day, we will contact you with the amount of the shipping cost before we proceed. If you order is being shipped outside the U.S., we will contact you with the shipping cost.
What type of picture should I send?
  • Always send ORIGINAL picture or raw data from digital camera
  • Portraits are best
  • Try NOT to send group pictures
  • Do NOT send photocopied or scanned pictures
  • Do NOT send pictures made from inkjet or laser printers
  • Do not use a picture smaller than a 4” x 6” or larger than 8” x 10”
  • Please remember, a copy may look good to you, but our professional equipment sees things that the human eye cannot. Inadequate submissions drastically reduce the quality of the finished product.
Can I send my picture by mail?
Yes, here are some tips:
  • Do provide the best original photograph available. Crisp, clear, high quality photos are best (use guidelines above)
  • Do keep a copy of the picture so you can submit the original to us
  • Write your name on the back of the picture (same name as on Order Form)
  • Do protect photographs when mailing by using a protective, thin sheet of cardboard
  • Don't cut or alter photos - let us do it digitally
  • Do complete the order form with as much information as possible
  • Send to: Pallas Porcellana, 2104 Oakridge Ave., Monroe, GA 30656
Will my photos be returned to me with my Memorial Portraits?
Yes. We will return your original photos with the finished product.
Can I email my images?
Yes, essentially we reproduce what you send us.
  • Scan the best image you have, use 300 or 600 dpi (depending to the image size, small image more resolution) RGB color mode, save as a jpeg file (.jpg).
  • Then email it to
  • Please reference your order number in the email 
Do you email a proof before you proceed?
Yes, we want you to be happy before we make the finished product.
My photo needs a touch up - can you do it and how much will it cost?
We do NOT charge for the following modifications or touch-ups:
  • Removing or retouching backgrounds; if not specified the color will be chosen for you.
  • Expanding a solid color background
  • Mirror imaging (reversing the photograph)
  • Removing red eye and minor blemishes, cleaning up the picture
  • Expanding detailed background and/or removing other figures or objects
  • Combining photographs together to make one picture
  • Placing pictures together, with text
  • Turning color pictures into black & white or sepia
  • We do NOT turn black and white pictures to color
  • Clean up picture of scratches or marks
  • Extensive modifications or touch-ups may require additional time. If so, we will contact you to give you an estimate on when your order will be completed.
How do I install your Memorial Portraits?
3M Scotch Brand VHB Acrylic double-sided tape will be applied to the back of your memorial portrait. It is very simple to install on location. Before sticking the portrait on the monument, you should do the following:
  • Wash the monument clean
  • Then do a final-clean to the surface of the monument with a mixture of 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). Do not use anything else for final-cleaning before applying the taped portrait on to it.
  • Make sure the surface is dry before applying tape
  • Peel off protective clear plastic from the tape and apply to desired spot
  • Press and hold until firmly in place
  • Final strength of the bond is reached 24 hours
How do I install the Bronze Frames?
  • Frames are provided with two pins for attaching to the memorial
  • Permanently attach frame to portrait with masonry glue
  • Frames and portraits together are then fastened to the memorial, drilling two holes in correspondence of two pins and then attaching with masonry glue
Can I reach you by phone?
Absolutely. Call 678-524-8358

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